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Don't You Think She Looks Tired?:
The Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game part II

by Fiona Moore

Originally published in Celestial Toyroom Issue 346

Ah, new year, new Christmas special, new lot of documentaries blatantly aimed at getting us all fired up for the new season. So, in anticipation of BBC3 repeating the entire run of Doctor Who Confidential series 2 in a transparent attempt to convince us that the new series is much better without Christopher Eccleston and/or Billie Piper, really it is, here's Part II of the Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game.

For those of you who have miraculously managed to get this far in fandom without encountering the concept of the drinking game (lucky you), the rules are simple. You start with a drink; you take one drink whenever any of the things listed below appears in any given Confidential. If the instructions say to take two or three drinks, you obey; if the instructions say to "chug," you drain the glass. If it's a particularly, shall we say, "traditional" Confidential, you may get through several glasses, which can't help but be a good thing.

Please note: this is for the second series of Confidential only. For the first series, see here. Next month: Torchwood Declassified, provided we've managed to get through an episode without laughing too much to drink.

And now, the game! Take a drink whenever:

Bonus fun! Every time David Tennant appears, take one drink for every inch of beard growth.

Next Time: The Declassified Drinking Game: Don't You Wish We'd Stopped at Two?

Next month, provided we sober up in time, Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game part II: This Time, It's Smug.

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