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The Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game part III: Torchwood Declassified

by Fiona Moore

Originally published in Celestial Toyroom Issue 347

Ah, Torchwood. Technically a sister series to Doctor Who, thus meaning that their tie-in documentary, Torchwood Declassified, is a sister series to Doctor Who Confidential, and thus fair game. So break out the bottles; it's time for yet another in the CT Documentary Drinking Game series.

For those of you who have miraculously managed to get this far in fandom without encountering the concept of the drinking game (lucky you), the rules are simple. You start with a drink; you take one drink whenever any of the things listed below appears in any given Declassified. If the instructions say to take two or three drinks, you obey; if the instructions say to "chug," you drain the glass. Since the average episode of Declassified is only about fifteen minutes long, it is in theory difficult to get completely drunk during it; however, that has never stopped the determined drinking game player.

Please note: this is for Torchwood Declassified series 1 only, though we reserve the right to extend it to series 2 if it proves equally silly. Next month: the kiddies' version, played with fizzy lemonade and Totally Doctor Who.

Also please note: The title of this Drinking Game is a direct quote from writer P J Hammond, in Declassified #5, who actually managed to keep a straight face while saying it.

And now, the game! Take a drink whenever:

Next Issue: Concluding the series (until we get around to doing DW series 3, anyway) with Totally Doctor Who.

Next month, provided we sober up in time, Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game part II: This Time, It's Smug.

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