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Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7
By Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore
Telos Publishing 2003
RRP £16.99

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From its first appearance in 1978 to its final episode in 1981, Blake's 7 was a series which pushed back the boundaries of what was possible in TV science fiction.

Despite the attempts made by critics over the years to deride it for its low-budget special effects, sometimes-dubious costume design and overly middle-class casting, Blake's 7 continues to remain popular and to gain new audiences, due to its intelligent treatment of powerful themes of human evil, rebellion, love and death.

In this book, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore go beyond the stereotypes and look at the background to and the writing of the stories.

Including technical details, overviews of the production of the series and in-depth analyses of every episode, together with a number of previously-unpublished photographs, this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the development of TV science fiction during the late seventies.


Critical Acclaim:

"It's phenomenal - easily the best thing I've read analysing "Blake's 7", and one of the very best things I've read studying any TV series at all come to that. The pieces studying character development and narrative structure are truly brilliant, weaving in many cultural and historical references which have never been covered before in this manner. These analysis sections are work of the *very* highest calibre - quite, quite superb. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I have."
--Andrew Pixley

"Any reader who's ever puzzled over an uncharacteristically charitable act from Avon, or wondered why the show had to end in a massacre, will find the answers here. Stevens and Moore's thoughtful dissection of plot and character is probably the most scholarly examination of Blake's 7 money can buy."
--John Toon,

"This is far more than your average fan's plot summary, it's an intelligent, well written critical analysis, packed with details about production problems, script alterations, and acute observations of characters and sub-texts. There is more to Gan, for example, than meets the eye..."
--Bernard Park,

"Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore clearly know their subject inside out, and the book provides oodles of fascinating trivia about the show's development and its sophisticated antihero characters, along with capsule plot synopses, and satisfyingly intelligent commentary on every one of the 52 episodes. It's an informative and entertaining read."
--Dragon's Breath International Small Press Review,


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