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He, Robot: Exciting news this week from Magic Bullet Productions: as well as Philip Madoc and John Leeson, Kaldor City 6: Storm Mine will also feature the vocal talents of Gregory de Polnay, who played D84 in the original serial of The Robots of Death. More casting announcements to come soon...

Star One 2005: AVON: The Paul Darrow Society and Tenth Planet are teaming up again to bring you a third Star One convention in April 2005, featuring interviews, merchandise, Coffee Club, charity auction, celebrity dinner and all the usual Star One entz. Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey and Michael Keating have confirmed their attendance; other guests will be announced later. See the Events Page for more details and a link to the site where you can register.


More Kudos: To celebrate the Bank Holiday Weekend, we've put up a few more review excerpts for Occam's Razor and Death's Head, from Outpost Gallifrey.


Last Hurrah: The final installment of our reviews of Doctor Who's Season 18 is here at last: Logopolis by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, in which the themes of change and decay resolve into ones of nostalgia and regression. And, if you've just joined us, you can find the rest of the series here.


Kaldor City Casting News: We are pleased to announce that, subject to work commitments, Philip Madoc and John Leeson have both agreed to appear in the sixth Kaldor City CD, "Storm Mine" by Daniel O'Mahony. We'd also like to take this opportunity to say, in response to a few rumours circulating around out there, the role of Uvanov will not be recast. But that's all we're saying for now!

Faction Paradox Production News: The next two Faction Paradox CDs are currently being written by Lawrence Miles; Steve Johnson will continue to do the covers, and Alistair Lock will be taking over the sound design.

For those of you who have just joined us: The sixth CD in the Kaldor City series, entitled "Storm Mine," is currently being written by Daniel O'Mahony for release in late 2004. The upcoming Faction Paradox CDs will feature Gabriel Woolf as the Egyptian god Sutekh the Destroyer. And the latest review in the Season 18 Reviews is The Keeper of Traken-- Logopolis to follow later this month. Keep reading!




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