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Faction Paradox Casting Announcement: As announced in the interview with Julian Glover in this month's TV Zone Special, Isla Blair ("Sinofar" in Blake's 7: Duel and "Isabella" in Doctor Who: The King's Demons) will be joining Julian Glover and Gabriel Woolf in the new Faction Paradox audios.


The Dum Speaks: This week, we take you behind the scenes on Storm Mine with an interview with Gregory "D84" de Polnay. Find out what it's like to wear a robot mask, to wake up to find yourself more famous than Peggy Ashcroft, and to revisit "The Robots of Death" twenty-seven years later (contains a mild spoiler in that we do reveal the name of the character he plays in "Storm Mine").


Everything Changes: With the new year comes a new look for the website! Don't worry, all your favourite parts of the site are still here; we've just redesigned a bit, to reflect our transition fron a single-series to a multi-series company. And, of course, there will be more developments as the first Faction Paradox CD comes closer to completion.

Competition Extension: We've decided to extend the competition deadline till the end of January. Why? Firstly, to give people who missed it due to the Christmas break a chance, and secondly, because as it was, the deadline tended to favour people who preorder over people who wait till the CD is out, and we want to be fair to everyone. To add to the fun, too, we're going to throw in a second grand prize. So, if you order before January 30th, your name will go into the big Uvanov-style hat for one of TWO signed copies of the script for Kaldor City: Storm Mine (includes signatures from all the cast and the author), or one of five signed proof covers for Liberation. Keep playing!

Buy in Bulk: We'd like to say hello to the people who have just discovered Kaldor City, whether it's through Outpost Gallifrey, the publicity over the new Doctor Who series, Faction Paradox or just happening across us. So we'd like to tell you about our bulk buying offer-- if you buy all 6 Kaldor City CDs, you'll get 5 off the regular price (or $7 US for overseas customers) plus one of the CDs will be autographed by one or more cast members (and yes, we will count your purchase towards a competition entry if you order by the Jan. 30th deadline!).


Faction News: The big news first. As announced in CT this month, we can confirm that Julian Glover will in fact be appearing in the forthcoming Faction Paradox CDs, playing the Egyptian god Upuat. More information in the new year...

Signing away: A big hello to everyone we met at the Tenth Planet signing/Christmas party yesterday; we all had a great time, and we hope you did too. If you missed it, though, you can still order Storm Mine off the website, and you get your name put into our prize draw for a signed script or Liberation proof cover-- see news items below.

Speaking of orders...: The volume of orders for Storm Mine has been overwhelming-- gratifyingly so, but it does mean that in the rush to get them off before Christmas we haven't been able to keep up our usual pattern of dropping all our customers an e-mail to thank you for your order and ask you to let us know when they arrive safely. So we'd just like to say that, if you feel like dropping us a line once you get your CD to let us know it's arrived, and to give us any comments on the CD and/or series, we'd be happy to hear from you at

And so, we bid you adieu... but not for long: This is the time of year when we take a couple of weeks off from updating the website, to celebrate Christmas and sort things out for the new year. We'll still be filling orders, though, so keep them coming-- Tuesday is the last day to receive them before Christmas, but we'll still be sending them out afterwards. Until we see you again, then, have a very happy holiday, and hope you enjoy the new CD!


Trailer Madness: The second Tarantinoesque Storm Mine trailer, featuring Tracy Russell, is now online. Blayes is back, and it's not Bill she wants to kill...

Launch Reminder: Less than a week now to the official launch of Storm Mine, featuring a special signing at Tenth Planet in Barking, with Paul Darrow, Gregory de Polnay, Tracy Russell, Daniel O'Mahony, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, and others. If you're in the area, why not stop by, say hello and get a signed CD?


Christmas Special Article: Continuing the fine tradition of Kaldor City Online Reviews for Christmas, we bring you The Invasion, the only Patrick Troughton Cyberman story the Magic Bullet team actually think is any cop. And we're going to tell you why.

Competition Extra: You're familiar with the drill: if you buy direct from Magic Bullet before Dec. 30 2004, your name will go into the big Uvanov-style hat (or should that be "your name will also go on the list"?) for a script signed by the cast and author. As it's Christmas, though, the next five names out of the hat will receive a cover proof for Liberation (that's the cover before they fold it and put the book in) signed by both authors. Still time to enter...

For those of you who've just joined us: Kaldor City: Storm Mine is being released with a 10th Planet Signing on December 18th. Teasers and publicity already up on this site include a Picture Gallery featuring Gregory de Polnay, Philip Madoc, John Leeson, Daniel O'Mahony, Paul Darrow and Tracy Russell, banners and a trailer on the official page, secure online preordering and the abovementioned competition.

Preparations for the first CD in the new Faction Paradox series, guest starring Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh (with scripts by Lawrence Miles and sound design by Alistair Lock) are well underway. We've got some exciting new things to show and tell you in the new year-- stay tuned for developments in January.




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