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Armageddon Out of Here: A Kaldor City Online special feature-- our report on the DWAS Riverside Studios Event/Day of Armageddon screening. So, does the newly-rediscovered episode stand up to the hype? Find out!


Finders Keepers: Continuing with our Season 18 Reviews, we bring you The Keeper of Traken. Doctor Who raids the Shakespearian tradition to give us a new companion, an old enemy and a brilliant debut for Anthony Ainley. And to think it could easily have been Meglos II...


Kaldor City 6: The sixth CD in the Kaldor City series, entitled "Storm Mine," is currently being written by Daniel O'Mahony for release in late 2004. Daniel is well-known for his dark and challenging Doctor Who novels, including The Man in the Velvet Mask and The Cabinet of Light, as well as for creating the characters of Honore Lechasseur and Emily Blandish, heroes of Telos Publications' Time Hunter novella series. Stay tuned for more details.

Faction Paradox News: As was announced at the TIME convention on Saturday, the next pair of Faction Paradox CDs will feature Gabriel Woolf reprising his role as Sutekh the Destroyer. The stories will again be written by Lawrence Miles. We'd also like to say a big hello to everyone we met at the convention-- the enthusiasm when David Bickerstaff made this announcement was fantastic!


Nyder one thing nor the other: New in the People section, an Interview with Peter Miles. Find out what the Most Sinister Man in Britain has to say about strangling Nicholas Courtney, coshing Tom Baker, and getting away with murder in Kaldor City.

Convention Reminder: Next Saturday we'll be at the DWAS convention in Hammersmith, for all sorts of exciting goings-on with Scott Fredericks and the Day of Armageddon. Want to come too? Visit the Events Page and find out how.


New Online: We've updated the Taren Capel Kudos Page and the reviews on the Liberation page for your information and entertainment.


The Doors of Perception: Continuing (after a bit of a hiatus) our Season 18 Reviews, we bring you Warrior's Gate, in which the Doctor has a death wish, Romana goes to Gormenghast and Stephen Gallagher gets his own back against the unionised employees of Granada Television.


Fear the Faction: We can now finally confirm that yes, Magic Bullet is taking over production of Lawrence Miles' acclaimed Faction Paradox series for audio. First developed for the Virgin Publishing and BBC Books Doctor Who novels, Faction Paradox has become a phenomenon, spawning books, comics and online media revolving around a time-travelling organisation which is part cult, part crime syndicate and part conspiracy. We'll be posting more information, FAQs, cast details etc. as we get them, but for now, we just hope you're as pleased with the news as we are!

For those of you not familiar with the Faction Paradox, we suggest you visit the FP homepage at www.factionparadox.co.uk to find out all about it.

But no...: ...we haven't forgotten Kaldor City. Stay tuned for an announcement in the next month about what's coming up!

And the winners are: Congratulations to Steve Anstee and Graham Wilson, winners of our The Actor Speaks 4: Paul Darrow competition, who are now the proud owners of copies of the original script for Kaldor City: The Prisoner, signed by Paul Darrow and Peter Miles.

Review of "Checkmate": By Luke Parker, on the AVON website. Read it here.




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