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 Words from Nine Divinities


Happy Holidays:  We'd like to wish all our listeners and readers the best of holidays and a great 2008. To celebrate, we've put up the latest installment of the Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game, to get you in the mood for David Tennant and Kylie Minogue, and we're also going to be on Southside Radio again tomorrow afternoon, so those of you in the North can tune in!


Southside News: This afternoon from 12:30, Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock will be featured on Southside Radio; David Howe's interview, as well as one of Alan Stevens' many interviews, are now available in the podcast section.


More on Southside: This week's Southside Radio media programme features Alan Stevens, David Howe, Glenn "Timelash" McCoy and Graeme Harper. If you missed it, the podcast will be available in following weeks as usual.


Body Coverage:  The forthcoming Faction Paradox CD, Body Politic, now has its own dedicated page, currently showing the cover and a handy advertising banner for those of you who like to cut and paste-- more, including blurb and updated cast list, to come.

TARDIS Released: Time and Relative Dissertations in Space: Critical Perspectives on Doctor Who, Manchester University Press' newest media studies volume, is now in release, and contains articles by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, and Daniel O'Mahony.  Available from the publisher's link above, Amazon, or your favourite local bookshop.


More Broadcasting: Alan Stevens will again be interviewed on Southside Radio this Saturday at 2 PM; you can also download podcasts of Philip Madoc, Brian Croucher, Rob "The Prisoner: The Official Companion" Fairclough, and Graeme Harper from the website, with more to come.


Kaldor City Broadcasting: More Kaldor City people will be featured on Southside Radio this Saturday-- Brian Croucher will be interviewed at 10 AM, and Alan Stevens will be interviewed again at 1:30 PM.


Radio Kaldor: For those in the Middlesbrough area, Alan Stevens will be interviewed again by Southside Radio at 11:15 today, so tune in!


Emergency Stop Press: The Tardis ID event in Darlington has been indefinitely postponed  due to illness.


First Guest Casting Announcement: We can now announce that Peter Halliday (star of various Doctor Who serials, A for Andromeda, and of course Kaldor City) will be playing Anubis in the new Faction Paradox CD, "Body Politic."

Event Update: More Kaldor City guests will be at the Tardis ID Event (see the Events Page)-- Trevor Cooper, Greg de Polnay, John Leeson, Daniel O'Mahony and Peter Halliday have all confirmed subject to commitments. Alan Stevens, Peter Miles and Philip Madoc promoted the event earlier this week on Southside Radio-- check out the site later this week for listen-again features.

Drinking Game Update: The final (for now) segment in our Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game series: Totally Doctor Who, for those of you who aren't totally fed up.


New Books
: Fans of Daniel ("Storm Mine") O'Mahony's work may be interested to know that  his novella Force Majeure has just been released by Telos Publishing, and that a blurb for his forthcoming Faction Paradox novel, Newton's Sleep, is now up on the Random Static website. Click the links for more details (and/or to order Force Majeure).

News from Darlington: More guests have now been confirmed for the Tardis in Durham convention, including Gabriel Woolf, Philip Madoc, Alistair Lock and Paul Darrow. Check the Events Page for more details.


Faction Paradox News:  We can now announce that the next Faction Paradox CD by Lawrence Miles will be called "Body Politic," and will continue the story begun in Coming to Dust and The Ship of a Billion Years. Guest cast announcements coming soon.

Convention News: Next month we'll be at the Tardis In Durham convention (which is in Darlington)-- see the Events Page for details.


Fall Out Released: We're back from a post-convention holiday, and would like to say thank you to everyone who made the launch of Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner at PM2007 such a great event!  A post-event report will soon be up on The Unmutual website, and the book itself can now be ordered through your favourite terrestrial or online shops, or direct from Telos by clicking here.


Peter Tuddenham Tribute: We've uploaded a brief tribute to Peter Tuddenham, by Alan Stevens, to our People section.

Book Launch Info: Yes, we will be having a book launch for Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner. It'll be at the PM2007 charity event on 19 August in Portmeirion (for those who don't know, the Welsh village resort in which the series was filmed); we'll be doing a special signing and an interview panel in the Hercules Hall. The day will also include screenings of a rare 1959 Patrick McGoohan TV play,interviews with actor Earl Cameron and cameraman Jack Lowin, and Q&A with Robert Fairclough, author of   The Prisoner: the Official Companion and editor/annotator of the two-volume The Prisoner script books (among other accomplishments), as well as enjoying the beauty of the Welsh coast and the Village itself. Click here for the announcement, and here for more details plus how to order tickets.


Peter Tuddenham: Like many in the Blake's 7/Doctor Who fan communities, we were deeply saddened at the news of Peter Tuddenham's passing earlier this week. Peter was a great friend and supporter who added considerable charm and gravitas to the role of Strecker in Occam's Razor and Death's Head, and also reprised his Blake's 7 roles of Orac, Zen and Slave for our earlier not-for-profit B7 audios.  He will be greatly missed by all of us.


Storm Mine Review: A great review of Kaldor City Storm Mine by Luca Signorelli at the Doctor Who Ratings Guide.


At Last it Can Be Told: We can now make an official announcement that the Faction Paradox series will continue, with Gabriel Woolf confirmed to appear in at least two more installments.We'll be announcing details like story names, guest stars, completion of recordings and so forth later on, so stay tuned.

No One Is Safe: Continuing the Celestial Toyroom Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game Series, this month we take on Torchwood Declassified. An adult show, for adults who like drinking games!

Finding Fall Out: As for our earlier book Liberation, we've now set up a dedicated page for Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner, where we'll be keeping you up-to-date with reviews, interviews, launch activities, and anything else related to the book.


Let the Games Commence:  More, and more frequent, news soon, but in the meantime, here's Installment Two of the Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game, as featured in Celestial Toyroom, to keep you entertained.


Alan Writes Comics, Too: The latest issue of the Blake's 7 fanzine Scorpio Attack  is now available, featuring part two of the comic "Counter-Attack," a linking story set between the events of "Star One" and "Aftermath", by Alan Stevens, as well as reviews, interviews, retrospectives and artwork. To order your copy, send £3.00 plus  postage and packing, which is 70p (UK) or £1.50 (Europe, US and Aus), to Jonathan Helm, 15a Dean Bank Lane, Edinburgh, EH3 5BS, or e-mail him at jonathanhelm90@hotmail.com.


Post Convention: Just a note to say hello to everyone we met at Star One; we had a great time, hope you all did too.


Site Update: We've put a handy little preorder link for Fall Out on the Orders Page, and updated the Events page with news of this summer's conventions.

Star One:  We'll be at the Star One Blake's 7 convention next weekend, selling CDs, conducting interviews, and answering any and all of your questions about Magic Bullet's enterprises. Hope to see you there!


Fall Out  Preorder Info: Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner is now available for preorder from Telos Publishing, either in paperback or (while stocks last) as a limited-edition signed and numbered hardback. To preorder your copy, click here.


Now It Can Be Told:  Telos Publishing have issued a press release announcing a follow-up to Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore's successful  Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7: Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner. We'll be bringing you more details as they become available, but for now, you can view a jpeg of the cover here, and read the full press release below:



World Fantasy Award winners Telos Publishing are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of a new addition to their Cult TV range: Fall Out: the Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to The Prisoner, by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore with a foreword by Ian Rakoff, to be released August 2007.
The Prisoner's impact upon society was explosive, transforming art, storytelling and popular culture like no other television programme before or since. Patrick McGoohan spearheaded the project in his role as an unnamed man, held against his will in a strange isolated Italianate village, tormented by a succession of individuals, each calling themselves 'Number 2', whose true motivations and intentions towards him remain a constant mystery. The man, known only as 'Number 6', attempts escape, is befriended and betrayed, undergoes hallucinogenic journeys, and experiences strange revelations, before the series achieved its cathartic climax.

The Prisoner was ahead of its time, and in this book, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, authors of Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Blake's 7, take on the task of debriefing the programme and attempting to make sense of the many interpretations and readings which have been placed on it. This is not the book with all the answers.... but it may help you ask the right questions.
Telos' range of Cult TV and Film titles is one of the most varied and exciting around, including books on Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Survivors, British horror film, Stargate SG-1, Charmed and 24. For more information and to check out other Telos ranges, please visit www.telos.co.uk.



The Countdown Continues:  While we wait for the Doctor, we're instigating a repeat of our popular special offer: if you buy any  two Faction Paradox CDs, you can have any other CD (Kaldor City or The Actor Speaks: Paul Darrow) absolutely free, and if you buy any two Kaldor City CDs, you can have any other CD (Faction Paradox or The Actor Speaks: Paul Darrow) free. Just remember to specify which CD you'd like when ordering, and visit our Orders Page. But this offer is only until March 31st!


Time for a Drink: As the countdown to the new series of Doctor Who (and thus of Doctor Who Confidential) commences, we present the first installment of  The Doctor Who Confidential Drinking Game, subsequent editions to follow over the next couple of months. Grab a glass and play along!


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