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Compare and Contrast: This week in the Features Section, Helen Reilly delivers a thoughtful comparative review of five books about Blake's 7, including our own Liberation. How do they all measure up, and which is the best guide to Blake's 7? Find out!


...And the Winners Are: The results of the Checkmate competition are in, and we can now reveal that the signed copy of the script has gone to David Gevanthor, with signed Liberation cover proofs going to James Sutherland, Marina Quick, and Charlotte Allery. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who took part!

Mail Order Blues: Unfortunately, due to localised unofficial postal strikes in the South of England (and particularly the London area), we are currently unable to guarantee our usual speedy delivery. However, we will deliver you your CDs as soon as we possibly can, so please bear with us and be patient-- thanks.

The Legend Continues: The Buy All 5 CDs and Get 5 Off Plus a Signed CD offer has been such a successful concept that we're making it a permanent feature of the Orders Page. So buy your Kaldor City giftpack today!

Power Corrupts?: This week in the Features Section, we review the newly-released-on-CD The Power of the Daleks, Patrick Troughton's first Doctor Who story. Is it a stunningly iconic classic, or an overrated runaround? Well, both, actually... find out why!


Polo Games: With the Doctor Who story Marco Polo being released on CD this week, we provide another of our handy reviews. With politics, sex, science and regime change in the Far East, this is a story which should make George W. sit up and take notice.

Views and Interviews: Following the launch of Liberation, The Alien Online presents an interview with authors Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore. Why is another book about Blake's 7 needed? And why should you read it? Find out!

...oh, and Reviews: New reviews of Checkmate and Liberation are now online on Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 Website.


Fast-Breaking News: Tenth Planet are holding a signing on Saturday, with Anneke Wills, Debbie Watling, Mark Ayres, Roy Skelton, Raymond Cusick, Xenia Merton and William Russell, as some of you will know. What you won't know is that Katy Manning will be joining them at five o'clock! See our Events Page for details.


Curse of the Mummy: New in the Features Section, and hot on the heels of the DVD release, we review The Curse of Fenric, Doctor Who's postmodern tale of evil, faith and family relationships. Is this the Seventh Doctor's finest hour?


Extended Chance: To make up for this continued random downtime, we've decided to extend the contest and special offer until October 31st. So get your orders in, and you could have a signed Checkmate script, or a signed Liberation cover proof, in your trick-or-treat bag!


Down Town: Apologies for the recent downtime: Freehostingweb, our ISP, has recently changed ownership and there have apparently been teething troubles. We should be OK for the time being, but if you do find the site down any time in the next couple of weeks, just be patient-- we will return!

Kudos for Kaldor: While you're waiting for your new Checkmate CD to arrive, why not browse through what some reviewers have recently had to say about its immediate prequels, Taren Capel, Hidden Persuaders, Death's Head and Occam's Razor? With comments from Vanessa Bishop of Doctor Who Magazine and Simon Catlow of Shockeye's Kitchen as well as from a variety of online fora!

Liberation successes: We've had word that Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7 from Telos Publications is selling really well-- so much so that many places, including Telos themselves, have now sold out of hardbacks. You can still find some if you look, though-- Galaxy 4 in Sheffield are known to have copies, as well as Who North America across the pond...


Checkmate Available: You can now order Kaldor City: Checkmate from these very pages! (you can also, of course, order a copy of Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7 from Telos Publications as well). If you haven't got your copy yet (or if you're wondering what to get your friends, relatives and/or pets for Christmas), visit our Orders Page straight away!

It's time again...: ...for the usual Kaldor City competition. Order Checkmate direct from Magic Bullet before October 20th and your name will go into the big Uvanov-style hat for a Checkmate script signed by cast members (including David Bailie!), or for one of three cover proofs (that's the cover before they fold it and put the book in) for Liberation: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7, signed by both authors. So get clicking!

More reasons to buy online: Also, now's the time to take advantage of our first-month-only Buy All 5 and Get 5 Off Plus A Signed CD offer. At least one CD in your order will be signed by major cast members, including Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter, Scott Fredericks, Patricia Merrick and Trevor Cooper. Ideal for collectors!


'He does the drilling and she does the killing'--*SFX* (photo copyright Andy Hopkinson)



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