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The Voc Speaks: Now on the Kaldor City: Storm Mine page, a new downloadable trailer in MP3 format featuring Gregory de Polnay. Stay tuned for more hints of things to come...


D84 Unmasked: A new Picture Gallery, with photos from the recent recording of Storm Mine, featuring Gregory de Polnay, Philip Madoc, John Leeson, author Daniel O'Mahony, and of course Paul Darrow and Tracy Russell, is now online.


Storm Mine Competition: With only six weeks left to order Kaldor City 6: Storm Mine before the launch, we'd like to announce that everyone who orders the CD from this website before December 30th, 2004 will have their name put in the hat to win a copy of the original script signed by Paul Darrow, Philip Madoc, John Leeson, Gregory de Polnay, Tracy Russell and author Daniel O'Mahony (and those of you who preordered last week-- don't worry, you're included too!). More reasons to buy online...

Mutate or Die: Getting back into the saddle with a special Kaldor City Review for Hallowe'en, The Mutants. The Third Doctor is thrown into an allegory of Apartheid-era South Africa, but is everything completely black and white? Find out!


Storm Mine Launch Event: Lots of exciting Kaldor City 6: Storm Mine news this week. The first is that the CD will be launched with a special signing event at Tenth Planet, with Paul Darrow, Gregory "D84" de Polnay, and other Magic Bullet folks, including Tracy Russell and Daniel O'Mahony. Hope to see you there!

Storm Mine Preorders: The second bit of news is that, by popular demand, we've decided to start taking preorders early. Visit the Orders Page and reserve your copy today!

Star One Update: Three new guests have been announced for the Star One convention organised by AVON: The Paul Darrow Society and Tenth Planet. Kaldor City's own David Collings, Jacqueline Pearce and Jan Chappell will be joining Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Steven Pacey; and of course we'll be there too. Links and info can be found on the Events Page.

Blake's 7 Documentary: For those of you who have been listening to the documentary feature on the CD re-release of the BBC audios Blake's 7: The Syndeton Experiment and The Sevenfold Crown: yes, the Alan Stevens interviewed on there is the same one who is producer of Kaldor City and coauthor of Liberation: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Blake's 7.


Storm Mine Page: The official page for Kaldor City: Storm Mine, guest starring Gregory de Polnay, Philip Madoc and John Leeson alongside Paul Darrow, Tracy Russell and Patricia Merrick, is now online, with information, cover picture, back blurb and a lovely banner for you to put on your own site or blog. And...

Storm Mine Release Date: ...the official release date will now be December 18, 2004, just in time for the holidays. Let the countdown begin!

For those who have just joined us...: The state of play on Faction Paradox is that the first two CDs have been written by Lawrence Miles, will guest star Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, and will have covers by Steve Johnson and sound design by Alistair Lock. The Season 18 Reviews have finally come to an end, with our review of Logopolis. The third Star One convention has been announced on the Events Page. If you've got no idea what we're on about, you might like to visit our Company Info Page.




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