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About Magic Bullet:

Magic Bullet Productions is an independent audio-production company formed in 2001. While we were originally set up to produce the Kaldor City audios, we've also been known to turn our hand to magazines and (in collaboration) books as well. In 2004, we acquired the rights to produce Lawrence Miles' Faction Paradox audio CDs. This site provides information on all our current, past and future projects.


About Kaldor City:

The Kaldor City audios are an ultraviolent tale of power, sex and intrigue set in the universe of Chris Boucher's Doctor Who: The Robots of Death, Blake's 7: Weapon and Doctor Who spinoff novel Corpse Marker. Boasting a star-studded cast headed by Paul Darrow, Scott Fredericks and the late Russell Hunter, the CDs are produced by Alan Stevens, writer and producer of several acclaimed radio documentaries and sci-fi dramas, with sound design, effects, music and direction by Alistair Lock. The series has the full approval and written permission of Chris Boucher.

Listeners will be catapulted into an intelligent and surreal series of adventures set on a corrupt world governed by an all-powerful Company, where the rich scheme in mansions filled with robot slaves, the poor scrabble for survival in the Sewerpits, the Security forces are out of control and terrorism is a daily fact of life. Although the CDs do form a loose "story arc," most can be enjoyed on their own as standalone stories.


About Faction Paradox Audios:

The Faction Paradox audios are powerful, Gothic stories which feature characters and concepts originally created for the BBC's critically-acclaimed Doctor Who novels by Lawrence Miles. Revolving around the war-torn saga of a mysterious time-travelling organisation which is part cult, part crime syndicate and part conspiracy, the audios can be enjoyed on their own or as part of the extensive range of Faction Paradox books, comics, art and online media

For more information, plus detailed guides to the history, weaponry and geography of the Faction Paradox universe, visit www.factionparadox.co.uk.


Copyright Information:

The "Kaldor City" name and concept are copyright 2000 Chris Boucher and Alan Stevens. The "Faction Paradox" name and concept are copyright Lawrence Miles. All images on this site are copyright 2001-2009 Andy Hopkinson except where otherwise specified. Site design copyright 2001-2011 Fiona Moore. The stories, reviews, images and articles on this site are reproduced here with the permission of the authors/artists, who retain copyright in their work. Where the author is not specified, the material is copyright Fiona Moore. No part of this site may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Inquiries regarding reproduction of any part of this site and/or other content-related matters are to be sent to webmaster@kaldorcity.com. Magic Bullet Productions is not responsible for the content of external websites.


Questions still not answered?

We are always happy to correspond with people interested in our series. E-mail info@kaldorcity.com, and we'll try and get back to you as soon as we can.


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