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CD of the Month-- Deathray Magazine (July 2008)

The True History of Faction Paradox vol. III:
Body Politic

"If you’re looking for a fresh perspective and original take on some of the central concepts of Doctor Who, this is for you. If you’re looking for epic scale science fiction then this is for you. If you’re looking for well written, well acted audio drama, again, this is for you. Simply put, this is an extremely impressive story told very well."

-Firefox News


by Lawrence Miles

Directed by Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock

Producer: Alan Stevens


and PHILIP MADOC as "The War King"

 Facing a divided Council and fighting a nine-hundred-and-twenty-front war across time and space, the War King sends Ambassador Mortega from the Homeworld to the Osirian Court, to combat the new power that has risen in their midst that challenges the might of the Great Houses.

Meanwhile, by gathering the complete biodata of Osiris, Justine plans to resurrect the only Osirian capable of standing against Sutekh the Destroyer. But the forces at work on the Homeworld may soon intervene fatally in Justine's plans...

Faction Paradox was originally created by Lawrence Miles for the BBC's acclaimed  Doctor Who series of novels.

A Magic Bullet Production

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