Magic Bullet Productions

The Surgery
An Audio Comedy Series

Written, produced and first aired in 1995, this fifteen-part comedy-drama series features several of the people who would go on to  become stalwarts of Magic Bullet Productions, such as Alan Stevens, Alistair Lock, and, in front of the microphone, Peter Miles, Tracy Russell, Robert Lock and Patricia Merrick. The Surgery has been played on several radio stations, and is now available here for the first time as a free download. 

To listen to the episodes, click on the titles. To download, right-click and select "Save link as...".

Episode One: The Man with the Currant Bun Eyes
Many drama serials begin with a funeral, to heighten tension, set up a dramatic storyline and introduce all the main characters. This one, however, doesn't.

Episode Two: Work-Shy Malingerer
Sometimes the daily grind can leave you tired, miserable, suffering from aches and pains and depressed. You need a solution, and Doctor Flask is just the man to provide a mental health assessment, a swift diagnosis, and a definitive cure.

Episode Three: Community Service
Trainee receptionist Chelsea Morgan reveals her fruit and veg fetish, while PC Fenton administers to the sick.

Episode Four: A Privet Matter
Josie Witherington has a fungal infection, causing Doctor Blake to stare into the abyss.

Episode Five: The Unclear Device
Chelsea Morgan reveals her fondness for European tongue. Guest starring Peter Miles, reprising his role from Colditz.

Episode Six: Musical Interlude
Every town's got one; those men who wander around the high street singing at the top of their lungs. But most don't seek therapy, and especially not with Doctor Flask.

Episode Seven: The Fenton-Flask Fraternity

Will hairy nipples and an appendix scar be enought to save Doctor Flask from a charge of murder?

Episode Eight: So-Damn-Insane

You know how a single topical reference can really date a series? Here's an example.

Episode Nine: Lethal Telephony

In which Mrs Pearce strikes a blow against the military-industrial complex.

Episode Ten: The Midnight Raid

With special guest appearance by Rick Astley.

Episode Eleven: Fighting at Brighton

The arrival of that mysterious lady with a past, Mrs Nearsidewood. Guest starring Peter Miles.

Episode Twelve: Night of the Living Zombie Death

Kiss kiss, bang bang.

Episode Thirteen: Brain Surgery

For PC Fenton, a jumble of letters spells "death".

Episode Fourteen: Mexican Standoff

Doctor Jamirez takes on the Yakuza and the CIA... his only ally, a greengrocer from Halifax. Guest starring Peter Miles.

Episode Fifteen: The Epilogue

Is this the end for Chelsea Morgan and Doctor Blake....? Yes, of course it is.

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