Kaldor City: a Magic Bullet Production


Image of the Fendahl by Alan Stevens
Analysing the true nature of Chris Boucher's most sinister creation-- and where the Doctor went wrong...

Marco Polo by Fiona Moore
With politics, sex, science and regime change in the Far East, this is a story which should make anyone sit up and take notice.

The Curse of Fenric by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens
An analysis of Ian Briggs' postmodern tale of evil, faith and family relationships, which may well be the Seventh Doctor's finest hour.

The Savages by Fiona Moore
Neglected, derided and branded racist by some critics, "The Savages" is actually a witty piece of social commentary about race relations, revolution and vivisection. Find out why Frederick Jaeger dons blackface makeup, who the true savages are... and what really happens to the Doctor's Reacting Vibrator!

Rain Man: An Analysis of "The Aztecs" by Fiona Moore
A professional anthropologist's take on the Doctor Who story "The Aztecs". What does the Doctor really mean when he says "you can't change history"? Is Barbara a crusader or a selfish, willful egotist? And what do transvestites have to do with anything?

Shaft! An Analysis of "Inferno" by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens
Is free will an illusion? Was Don Houghton a feminist? And is Sergeant Benton really just a ruthless thug under it all?

Weapon: An Analysis by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore
An exploration of the Blake's 7 episode which introduced the character of Carnell, examining how Chris Boucher's scriptwriting allows the story to transcend low production values and behind-the-scenes politics to produce a witty commentary on slavery, freedom and the pitfalls of listening to the experts.

The Caves of Androzani: An Analysis by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens
A no-holds-barred analysis of Robert Holmes' Gothic/Orwellian masterpiece, analysing themes of terrorism, Machiavellian business practices and sexual obsession in light of the politics of the new millennium.

The Daleks' Master Plan: An Analysis by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore
A lavishly illustrated article examining the recently-rereleased 1960s Doctor Who story. Is this Blake's 7 precursor just an enjoyable Flash Gordon romp-- or is it a complex, edge-of-the-seat tale of Fascism, greed and human nature?

Vocs Extended by Fiona Moore
An illustrated review of the original Kaldor City story, "The Robots of Death", exploring the reasons behind its success and in particular the complex psychology of the mad genius Taren Capel.

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