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It Don't Mean A Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances review is up.


The Empty Reviews Page: This week's Doctor Who, "The Empty Child," is a two-parter, so you'll be getting the review next week instead. In the meantime, the Associated Press has run an article this week quoting our webmaster-- click here to read it.


Rose Garden: Father's Day review up. Great stuff.


Stars in their Eyes: Next year's Star One convention lineup has just been announced: go to the Events Page for details plus link. Or click here for a review of this year's event, including Alan's show-stopping interview with Steven Pacey.


Play Up, Play Up, and Play The Game: The Long Game review is now up. It's actually a pretty good story.


Doctor Who Reviews: Dalek review up. Words fail us. Wow.


New Review: Aliens of London/World War Three review up.


Reviews News: Again, just a quick update-- we won't be posting a Doctor Who review this week, as we don't think we can make a firm judgment on a two-part story without having seen both parts. We'll be posting a full review next week instead.


And We're Back: Big hello to everyone we met at Star One-- and here's the review.


Update News: We're going to Star One this weekend, which means we won't be reviewing Saturday's Doctor Who episode, "The Unquiet Dead", until later in the week. Sorry to disappoint, but stay tuned, and we hope we'll meet some of you at the convention.


...As We Know It: Following on from last week, our review of Doctor Who: The End of the World. Visually lovely and intriguing themes-- and could it be a sign of things to come?

For Those of You Who Have Just Joined Us: The new Faction Paradox CDs, written by Lawrence Miles with sound design by Alistair Lock, will star Gabriel Woolf as the Egyptian god Sutekh, Isla Blair, and Julian Glover. The latest Kaldor City CD, Storm Mine, is available from shops or from this site. We've started reviewing the new Doctor Who series in the Articles section, and there's also a bunch of new interviews in the People section.




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