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Yes, It's Him: Another reason to visit a convention this year-- Paul Darrow's autobiography, You're Him Aren't You, will be launched at Star One. Details and links are on our Events Page.08/01/06

People and Pictures: The cover picture and cast list for The Ship of a Billion Years are now online, and we can reveal that PETER MILES of Doctor Who and Blake's 7 fame will be joining the cast... more to come!


The Ship of a Billion Years: The back blurb for the forthcoming Faction Paradox CD, The Ship of a Billion Years, is now online-- click the link to read it.

The Writer Speaks: New in the People section, a no-holds-barred, opinionated interview in which Kaldor City's creator, Chris Boucher, speaks his mind about religion, politics and the new Doctor Who.

Storm Mine Reviewed: Marilyn Burge once again gives us a thoughtful take on the themes and ideas in Kaldor City: Storm Mine. Warning: contains spoilers.

You Wait Around for Ages, and Then...: ...we go off on holiday for a couple of weeks. We'll still be taking orders and answering e-mails, don't worry-- and we'll be back in 2006 with an exciting new "Ship of a Billion Years" cover, cast list and other promotional bumf.


Silver Lining: New in the People section, an Interview with David Collings, star of Kaldor City, Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Sapphire and Steel.

For Those Of You Who Have Just Joined Us...: The new Faction Paradox audio, "The Ship of a Billion Years", starring Julian Glover, Isla Blair and Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, is currently in post-production and will be released next year; covers, blurbs and so forth will be forthcoming. Currently in release is Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust, starring Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, Isla Blair and Julian Glover; visit the web page for the CD cover, blurb, FAQ and a nifty linking banner. Last month's Doctor Who review was The Web Planet, and we've also recently posted a Kudos Page for "Coming to Dust".


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