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Order the New Faction Paradox Audio Drama on CD



David Jackson: We're sorry to report that David Jackson, best known to readers of this website for playing Gan on Blake's 7, died of a heart attack on Monday. Our sympathies are with his friends and family.


Dust Update: Just to let everyone who preordered "Coming to Dust" know that your CDs have now been sent off, and to everyone who's planning to buy from a shop that store orders will be going out all this week. Although we normally send a quick e-mail out to people who order from this website thanking you and asking you to send your comments on the CD to us, we're afraid that in the rush to send out the preorders, we might have missed one or two of you-- so, if you didn't get the e-mail, consider yourselves thanked, and if you'd like to comment on this or any other CD, the address is info@kaldorcity.com.


Coming To Dust: First off, a big hello to everyone we met at the Invasion convention-- we had a great time, and the new Faction Paradox CD was duly launched.

We'll be sending the preorders off this week, and those of you who haven't preordered can get your copy from our Orders Page, or from all good retailers (see the Orders Page for a list of our recommendations, organised by geographical region) and remember, the prize draw for cast- and author-signed scripts will continue until August 14th!


One More Week: ...until the release of Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust at the Invasion convention in Barking-- whose guest lineup now, incidentally, includes John "Captain Jack" Barrowman. So come on down, meet us and ask us questions, get your CD signed by Julian Glover and Isla Blair, and have a great time! And if you can't make it, you can still order one off this page and get automatically entered into the competition (see below)!


Now It Can Be Told: The back blurb and main cast list are now up on the Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust page. And, to answer your questions about the new series, we've put up a Faction Paradox FAQ.


Of Chips and Chavs: With the first new season of Doctor Who over, we consider what it's all about in our Eccleston Era Overview.


Promote the Faction: For those of you who want to promote the new Faction Paradox CD series in your blog or on your site, we've provided a handy cut-and-paste banner script on the Coming to Dust page.


Doctor Who: the Penultimate New Series Review: Great series, great finale. Review here; season overview to follow at a later date.

Faction Paradox Invasion: It's now been confirmed that the first CD of our The True History of Faction Paradox series, Coming to Dust, will be launched at Invasion on July 23rd in Barking. You can get your CD signed by Julian Glover and Isla Blair, and Magic Bullet people will be there to answer any of your questions about the new series. Click the link for details and to book your ticket!

Preorder the Faction: And, of course, you can now preorder "Coming to Dust" on this website-- click the link for the Orders Page. Plus, in a special introductory offer, if you buy "Coming to Dust" you can get Kaldor City: Occam's Razor, the first CD in our other series, for half price!

Did We Mention the Competition?: As is now traditional with Magic Bullet releases, all people who order their "Coming to Dust" CDs through this website will have their names put in the hat for one of two copies of the script signed by cast and crew members. Contest deadline is August 14th, so get going!


So's You Know: Next week, Doctor Who is a two-parter, and also our webmaster is out of town, so there will be no weekend update.


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woolf?: We can now announce the title of the first CD of our new audio series, The True History of Faction Paradox: Coming To Dust-- click the link for a peek at the cover. Written by Lawrence Miles with sound design by Alistair Lock and art by Andy Hopkinson, the series will star Gabriel Woolf as the Egyptian god Sutekh, along with Isla Blair, Julian Glover and others to be announced over the coming weeks. Keep watching the site-- and if you're new to the Faction Paradox thing, you can find more info at The Faction Paradox Homepage.

Why I Don't Like Mondays: This week's Doctor Who review is, of course, Boom Town: time for the Doctor to prove whether or not he's a rat!




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