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Post-Launch Posting: Hello to everyone who turned out for either of the launch events for The Ship of a Billion Years: it was great, and we all had a good time. Thanks for helping to make it all that much more exciting, and enjoy your CDs!

For Those Who Haven't Preordered: We do still have a very small number of signed CDs left, so if you order quickly you will actually get a signed one-- but hurry! Even if we run out before you order, though, you can still take advantage of our special Buy-Ship-And-Get-Any-Kaldor-City-CD-For-5 Offer, and, until May 15th, enter our competition to win a signed copy of the script for "The Ship of a Billion Years". Act now!

Clubbing on the Sabbath: On 30 April, Lawrence Miles, creator and author of the "Faction Paradox" CD series, will be hosting a comedy night at the London Stone; visit the Events Page for details.


The Shipping News: All people who have preordered The Ship of a Billion Years up until now should get their copies within the next few days: the signatures are on the inside of the cover booklets (i.e. you actually have to open the booklets to find them). If you haven't preordered yet, you still have till the 14th (i.e. Friday) to do so.


Your Schedule for the Next Fortnight: Don't forget: The pre-signing for The Ship of a Billion Years, with Peter Miles, takes place next Saturday (April 8th) at The Who Shop. The official launch takes place a week later at Tenth Planet on 15th April with Peter Miles and Lawrence Miles (and don't worry-- the signing ends at two, giving you plenty of time to get back to your place for seven to watch the first episode of the new Doctor Who series!). If you can't make either, you can still get your CD signed-- but only if you order directly from us by April 14th.

For Vampire Lovers: In our very first Faction Paradox online interview, Isla Blair talks about Beatles, chimps, and why vampires have more fun.


Pre-Signing Info: Some exciting news about The Ship of a Billion Years. As well as the official signing at Tenth Planet on 15th April with Peter Miles and Lawrence Miles, a limited number of copies will also be available at The Who Shop at their "Genesis of the Daleks" signing (also with Peter Miles) a week earlier on 8 April. So if you really can't wait...

And the Usual Contest: We'd also like to announce now that we will be running our usual CD-launch prize draw: i.e., anyone who orders the CD before 15 May (and yes, that includes the people who have preordered up till now) will have their names put in the big Egyptian mask for a copy of the script for "The Ship of a Billion Years" signed by cast members. Another reason to preorder-- not only will your CD be signed, but you've got a chance of winning a rare Faction Paradox collector's item!


Ship's Flag: We've put up the new linking banner for The Ship of a Billion Years, seen above, on the dedicated page: go on, use our bandwidth to decorate your blog or website.

Daleks in Focus: This month's feature is our review of The Daleks, the story that made Doctor Who the phenomenon it is today. Yes, it's about war and violence-- but perhaps not the way that one might think.


At long last, the launch: We can now announce that, in order to tie in with the release of the "Genesis of the Daleks" DVD, we will be launching Faction Paradox: The Ship of a Billion Years on 15 April 2006 with a signing by guest star Peter Miles and author Lawrence Miles (no relation!). And, to thank you all for being patient enough to wait another few weeks, we're announcing a special promotion-- anyone preordering the CD before 14 April will get a copy signed by one of the cast or writing/production team.

New Promotion: Also, we've put up a new special offer on the Orders Page: If you buy "The Ship of a Billion Years," you can also buy any single Kaldor City CD (please specify which when filling out your online order form) for only 5. And, if you order before 14 April, the Faction Paradox CD will also be signed!


Review of the Month: This month, our feature article is on the Doctor Who classic Robot, which marks the transition from the Pertwee to the Baker eras with an adventure story for children with some strongly Freudian overtones.

For Those Of You Who Have Just Joined Us...: The new Faction Paradox audio, "The Ship of a Billion Years", starring Julian Glover, Isla Blair and Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, and guest starring Peter Miles, will be released soon; visit the CD page here for the blurb and cover picture. Currently in release is Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust, starring Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, Isla Blair and Julian Glover; visit the web page for the CD cover, blurb, FAQ and a nifty linking banner. Last month's Doctor Who review was The Web Planet, and we've also recently posted interviews with David Collings and Chris Boucher, a review of Kaldor City: Storm Mine.


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