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Order the New Faction Paradox Audio Drama on CD


 Ordering Deadline: Please be sure and get all orders in by 18 December 2008, as we'll be taking a break over the Christmas period. However, we're pleased to announce that we still have a few copies of Words from Nine Divinities autographed by either Chris Tranchell or Gabriel Woolf, which we'll be giving out on a first-come-first-serve basis to everyone who orders a copy.

Mortega Speaks: In our People section, Chris Tranchell talks to Alan Stevens about Survivors, making the transition to Play School, and appearing with everything from villainous vegetables in Doctor Who to Egyptian gods in Faction Paradox.


We're Bigger than Merlin: The latest issue of DeathRay magazine contains a preview/review of Words from Nine Divinities,  giving it high praise and 4 stars (the same rating as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and beating out Merlin, Heroes and Sarah Jane Adventures). "Probably the most essential episode yet... the merciless Words slips by in what seems like only a few minutes." Go out and read it now!


Words Release Info: We can now announce that Words from Nine Divinities will be officially released as of the 24th of November (that's in two weeks, if you're counting). Each CD will feature a full colour picture disc, and everyone who preorders before the 24th (including those who have already preordered) will receive a CD autographed by either Gabriel Woolf or Chris Tranchell. We will also of course be running our usual prize draw for a script autographed by cast members, the winner to be announced in January. All this can be yours simply for visiting our Orders Page.


Words of Wisdom:  Words from Nine Divinities is now available for preorder on our Orders Page. Also, if you choose the Special Offer option, you can get any other CD for half price at the same time!


Aftermath of "Aftermath": Just to say a quick hello and a big thank you to all the people we met at the Blake's 7 convention "Aftermath" this weekend, and to let everyone know that the script for the short play by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, "When Travis Met Blake," which was performed at the event by Brian Croucher and Gareth Thomas, is now available in our Blake's 7 section.


Worth a Thousand Words: As you can see above, we've added a banner for Words from Nine Divinities; you can find source code on the CD page to display it wherever you like.


Words is Out: We've now put up a page for the next Faction Paradox CD, Words from Nine Divinities, with cover art and back blurb. Keep checking back for more information, plus launch dates and other info.

Events Update: We've also updated the Events Page, as the guest list for the Aftermath convention this weekend has changed.


New Special Offer: We've put up a new special offer on the Orders Page: buy any two Magic Bullet CDs and get any other Magic Bullet CD for free. By "Magic Bullet CDs" we mean any CD in our catalogue, except the "Paul Darrow: the Actor Speaks" CD,  which was produced by MJTV. When ordering, make sure to specify which  three CDs you want in PayPal's handy comment box.


Audiobook Petition: Kaldor fan Andy Garside writes to say that, since the BBC are making audiobook versions of the Doctor Who Target novels available,  interested people might want to e-mail info@audiobookcollection.com to suggest that they release Chris Boucher's Corpse Marker as well. We think this is a great idea, so, if you agree with Andy, go ahead and contact the BBC at the above address.


Competition winner:
The winner of our competition  for a "Body Politic" script signed by cast members is Wayne Hunter of Stevenage. Congratulations, and you should be receiving it shortly.

Hamfatter in Kaldor City:  Those of you in the UK may have seen the indie band Hamfatter on Dragon's Den last week. What you may not be aware of is that lead singer Eoin is the brother of none other than our own Daniel O'Mahony. We're getting up a campaign to make sure their new single,  "The Girl I Love," makes the top forty. Check out the video here, and download it from iTunes, Napster or Play.com!


Body Politic in Deathray:  Faction Paradox: Body Politic is this month's featured CD in Deathray magazine, and they've given it a great review. Well worth checking out.

Competition Announcement: The competition to win a free "Body Politic" script signed by cast members will close on the 27th of July, at which point we will post the winner. Everyone who orders online or by cheque through our website is automatically entered into the draw.


Kaldor On Your Desktop: For Kaldor City fans, we've made available some new desktop/mobile wallpaper based on some of the preliminary photos for the covers of Kaldor City: Storm Mine and Occam's Razor. You can download and use them here.

Our Apologies: ...for the downtime this weekend. Apparently DH2.net, our ISP, had a fire at their premises on Saturday which affected their servers for a while. The problem has now been resolved, but if you ordered any CDs over the weekend, they might be a day or two slower in reaching you than usual.


Urgent Stop Press: Gabriel Woolf will be signing "Faction Paradox: Body Politic" CDs at The Who Shop in East Ham (details on our Events Page) on Saturday May 3rd.


Body for Launch:  We can now announce that Faction Paradox: Body Politic will be released on 3 May 2008. Everyone who preordered a CD through us will, post permitting, receive their CDs on that date.

Competitive Bodies: As usual, we're holding a prize draw to celebrate the release of "Body Politic": if you order or preorder through us, your name goes into the Sutekh mask for a copy of the script for "Body Politic," signed by the entire cast. If you've preordered before this announcement, don't worry: your name has retroactively been entered in the competition.


Body For Preorder: Faction Paradox: Body Politic is close to completion now, so we've made it available for preorder on the Orders Page. Stay tuned for official release dates and other news!

Also: if you buy Body Politic, you can get any other CD we stock for half price-- just click on the Special Offer link, and make sure to specify which CD you want in the handy text-box on the PayPal order page.


Body Blurb:  The back blurb for the new Faction Paradox audio, Body Politic, is now online.

The Prisoner Unleashed: ITV have announced that The Prisoner  will be airing on ITV4  every Wednesday at 8 PM, starting on March 19th, repeating Thursdays at 10.25 AM and 3 PM. If you haven't already, now would be a good time to buy a copy of Fall Out: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner!

Also, we'll be back on Southside Radio on Saturday on what is rapidly becoming our regular 1:30 PM slot.


Full Cast List: A full cast list for the new Faction Paradox audio, Body Politic, which is now in post-production, is online.


Return of the Serious Article:  A brief leap back into episode review mode now, as we look at "The Wheel in Space." It's got Zoe in it, and that's all you need to know.


Iago and Landerchild on Southside: This week, Peter Miles will be appearing on  Southside Radio at 1:00 on Saturday, and Paul Darrow at 2:00; we'll be on there too. And check out their podcasts!


Carnell on Southside: Scott Fredericks will be appearing on  Southside Radio at 12:30 on Saturday; other guests include Sally Faulkner, Graeme Harper, and us as usual.


Southside Update: Gregory de Polnay will be appearing on  Southside Radio at 11, and we'll be on there again at 1:30.


Important Announcement: Dh2.net, our ISP, have recently installed some strong spam filters on their system-- a bit too strong, since we've found out that it's been deleting quite a lot of legitimate mail as well! In view of this, we've created an emergency alternate email with no spam filter, kaldorcity@yahoo.co.uk; we'll be checking it about once a week, so, if you find you're getting error messages or you haven't had a response after a reasonable amount of time, drop us an e-mail care of that address and we'll sort things out for you.


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