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Craig Hinton: It has been announced on a  number of websites and newsgroups that Doctor Who book and audio writer Craig Hinton  has passed away this weekend. Craig was a good friend of all at Magic Bullet and a fervrent supporter of the Kaldor City series, and he will be greatly missed.


...And That's It:... till January. We'll still be taking orders (and don't forget to check out our holiday special offer on the Orders Page!), and answering e-mails, and we'll be back soon with more news, reviews and articles.

On The Good Ship: You can now read the text of Vanessa Bishop's Review of Faction Paradox: The Ship of a Billion Years for Doctor Who Magazine in our Reviews section. 

Give like Santa, Save like Theodore Maxtabile: Christmas is a time for Victoriana and remote-controlled Daleks, so what better article to do than The Evil of the Daleks? In which the Daleks discover the hippie movement, the Second Doctor discovers Beatnik culture and Jamie discovers mini-kilts. 


Only 38 Shopping Days Till Christmas: For the upcoming holidays-- a special online-only offer till January 15th, 2007. When you buy any two Kaldor City CDs, you get a free Faction Paradox CD, or when you buy any two Faction Paradox CDs, you get a free Kaldor City CD! Just go to the Orders Page, and specify which CDs you want in the handy PayPal-provided message box on your order form.


Joking Around:  In a new development for the Kaldor City site, our latest feature article is a humour piece by Alan Stevens, The Death of Doctor Who. A lightheartedly morbid look at how all the various Time Lords shuffled off this mortal coil, and what David Tennant has got to worry about.


Destiny of the Daleks: It may be remembered as The One Where Davros Comes Back And He's Not Played By Michael Wisher, but the KC Reviews team do find rather more to enjoy in it..

Anniversaries in the News: The first of this month also marked the fifth anniversary of the release of the first CD to bear the Magic Bullet label, "Occam's Razor." Take time to celebrate-- give the Kaldor City CDs a relisten!


An Audience with Peter Miles: Peter Miles will be appearing on November 11 at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, for an evening of comedy, drama and reminiscence about his career in television, film and audio. Details are on the Events Page.


David Maloney Tribute: A brief Tribute to David Maloney is now available in the People Section.

2006 Series Overview: As promised, we bring you our feelings on the highs and lows of the latest series of Doctor Who, and our hopes and fears for its future.


David Maloney: According to newspaper and online reports, David Maloney, producer of the first three series of Blake's 7 among many other things, passed away on July 18th. David was always supportive of Magic Bullet's activities (even writing the forward to our book Liberation), and we would like to convey our regrets to his family and friends.


Fanzine News: The second issue of "Scorpio Attack" is now available, featuring a new comic set in the Blake's 7 universe and scripted by Alan Stevens. For more info or to order a copy, contact Jonathan Helm at jonathanhelm90 (at) hotmail.com.


Bad Woolf: With "The Satan Pit" having aired on Saturday, we're pleased to bring you an interview with the voice of Satan (and Sutekh) himself, Gabriel Woolf, airing his opinions of "Pyramids of Mars," Faction Paradox, and the new Doctor Who series.


Competition Winner: We're pleased to announce that the winner of a signed script for Faction Paradox: The Ship of a Billion Years is Peter Gilham of Derby. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who took part!

Six Degrees of Russell T. Davies: It's also recently been announced that Gabriel Woolf, who stars as Sutekh in the Faction Paradox audios, will be appearing in the new Doctor Who story "The Satan Pit" as the voice of Satan. One to listen for!


14 Left: We've still got 14 signed CDs left over from our preorder signing binge-- so if you're quick, you just might be able to get your hands on a CD signed by Peter Miles and Lawrence Miles. But, since we've only got those 14, you'll have to hurry!


Christmas in May: To celebrate the launch of the first DVD of the new Doctor Who series, we're reproducing the Review of "The Christmas Invasion" which appeared in Celestial Toyroom last January-- a promising start to the second season...

For Those Who Have Just Joined Us: Faction Paradox: The Ship of a Billion Years (starring Julian Glover, Isla Blair and Gabriel Woolf as Sutekh, and guest starring Peter Miles) was launched on April 15th, to great acclaim; if you didn't preorder your copy, you can still enter our competition to win a signed copy of the script up until May 15th, and you can also take advantage of our special Buy-Ship-And-Get-Any-Kaldor-City-CD-For-£5 Offer.


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