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Faction Paradox 6: The Judgment of Sutekh 


Faction Paradox is Well: Excellent review/overview of the series at


Peter Miles Interview: Peter Miles will be interviewed about his work for Magic Bullet, among other things,  at 6:15 PM tomorrow (Wednesday) on Siren FM-- you can listen live by following the link.


Contest Winners: We're delighted to announce that the winners of the The Judgment of Sutekh script signed by cast members are Kathleen Jackson of Canada and Anthony Zehetner of Australia! Thanks to everyone for taking part.

Palare the Carni?: This month's "50 Things..." is 32 Cool Things about "Carnival of Monsters" (and 18 Stupid Ones). Just to get you in the mood for a bit of popular entertainment...


Dancing on Ice: In honour of the coldest winter in Britain for decades, our first "50 Things..." of the New Year is 26 Cool, So To Speak, Things About "The Ice Warriors" (and 24 Stupid Ones).

And Stay Tuned: We'll be announcing our competition winner at the end of this month, so keep buying!


Happy Holidays: This is our last post for 2009, so we'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and leave you for the moment with an interview with Edward de Souza (Geb, Father of the Osirians, in The True History of Faction Paradox).


Sutekh Released: The Judgment of Sutekh is now in release! And, as we promised, all CDs ordered from this site are autographed by Sutekh himself:

Gabriel Woolf signing

We've also included a new pdf Press Release on the CD's page, for anyone who wants to download and give to your friends (or customers, if you're a retailer) to explain what it's all about.

Pyramid Power: The latest 50 Things About... naturally, features 34 Cool Things About "Pyramids of Mars" (and 16 Stupid Ones), for you to remind yourselves of how it all began...


Postal Update-- Good News!: As of last Friday, the British postal strikes have been suspended. Normal delivery has resumed on all orders. Just a reminder that the last ordering dates to ensure delivery before Christmas are:

Worldwide orders: 3 December
EU orders: 10 December
UK orders: 20 December


An Unearthly List: This month, an anniversary 50 Things About..., as we cover 32 Cool Things about "An Unearthly Child" (and 18 Stupid Ones). What do prehistoric tribesmen have to do with the Internet? Is it true that the Doctor never would? Who is smarter, two schoolteachers or an illiterate cavewoman? Find out here!

Judgment Update: Alistair Lock has now finished all post-production on The Judgment of Sutekh, we've heard it, it's fantastic, and it's still on track to be released by the deadline of 23 November. Regarding the ongoing labour disputes in the British postal service, we are optimistic that it will be resolved before long, but we will keep you updated as to our situation via this page and the newsletter.

Virtual Signing Update: And, of course, while supplies last, all "The Judgment of Sutekh" CDs ordered from this site will be autographed by Sutekh himself, Gabriel Woolf.


Julian Glover Interviewed: An interview with the great Julian Glover, guest star in three Faction Paradox CDs and with a CV spanning from Doctor Who to James Bond and beyond, is now online.


Judgment Official Launch Date: We can now announce that The Judgment of Sutekh will be officially launched on 23 November 2009. Stay tuned for more information, including details of our now-traditional Virtual Signing.


Time and Yesterday Afternoon: Just a brief note to say hello to everyone we met at the Time and Again convention yesterday. It was a great time, and the member poll awards for best Doctor, best Producer and best Director were won by Tom Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe and Graeme Harper respectively. Congratulations to the DWAS and to everyone involved.


The Usual Competition: As always, anyone who pre-orders or orders The Judgment of Sutekh from this site will be entered into a competition-- this time, to win one of two scripts, signed by cast and crew members. Final deadline will be given when we announce the CD release date.

Last Orders: We've made some big sweeping changes to the Orders Page this weekend. First, The Judgment of Sutekh is now up for pre-order! Second, as always we've included a special offer so that if you buy "The Judgment of Sutekh," you can also buy any other CD half-price. Thirdly, we've added two new special offers: one where you can buy all six Faction Paradox CDs for £54.95 (and get an autographed one into the bargain), and a monumental Buy All 12 special offer, getting you all twelve Kaldor and Faction CDs for the price of 10 (plus autographs!). So, if you see something you like, now's the time to order it.

City (high)Lights: Yet another in the 50 Things About... article series, this time 31 Cool Things About "City of Death" (and 19 Stupid Ones).

Time and Again Last Call: Only 8 places left! Reserve today!


Late Time and Again News: Graeme Harper has been added to the guest list for the DWAS convention Time and Again on October 10th (see the Events Page for details).


The Top Ten of Who: DWM's "The Mighty 200" poll of the best and worst Doctor Who stories (issue 413, out now), with 6,700 respondants, featured in the top 10 "The Robots of Death" at number 9, and "Pyramids of Mars" at number 7. Not only that, but they single out Kaldor City and Corpse Marker for special mention.


Time and Yet Again: The DWAS' convention next month will now feature an appearance by Tom Baker himself, as well as a variety of other exciting guests. Check the list out on the Events Page-- we look forward to meeting many Kaldor/Faction fans there.      

The Stupidity, it Burns: Continuing our series of lists (as featured in Celestial Toyroom!), we bring you 33 Stupid Things About "Terror of the Zygons" (and 17 Cool Ones).

Why, This is Hell: Brian Croucher will shortly be appearing in a new film noir, The City of Hell. Check the website for synopsis, screening details and pics.


Prepare for Judgment: We've now put up a page for the sixth Faction Paradox CD, The Judgment of Sutekh. Usual information to follow.

In for the Win: The winner of a copy of the script for Ozymandias, signed by cast members, is Jane Earl from London. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who took part!

Ark, Ark, the Lark: Next in our series of "50 Things About..." we bring you 26 Cool Things About "The Ark" (and 24 Stupid Ones).


Ozymandias Observed: The latest (August/September) issue of DeathRay magazine (out now in all good newsagents) has a great review of "Ozymandias."

Time and Again, Again, Again: We've updated the Events Page with more guests for Time and Again, plus an exclusive preview screening of  "Planet of the Daleks" part 3 in colour!


From Faust to Faction: Part Two of the Radio Drama Revival interview with Alan Stevens (see below) is now online.

Time and Again, Again: Trevor Cooper (Rull from Kaldor City) will be joining the lineup at Time and Again this autumn-- check the Events Page for details. Also, Peter Miles will be attending the Blink Doctor Who convention in Gloucester later in the year.


Bid for Victory: The Doctor Who Appreciation Society are auctioning off DVDs, videos and CDs belonging to the late Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert (including a copy of Occam's Razor!) with all proceeds to go to The Breast Cancer Campaign. Go here for details and a link to the online auction.


The True History of Magic Bullet: The first part of a two-part interview with Alan Stevens, about Kaldor City, Faction Paradox and Magic Bullet in general, is now up on the Radio Drama Revival website.

Ozymandias Update: All orders made up to two PM today have now been sent off, so you should be receiving your CDs within the next little while.


Fly Me To The Moon: A new article on the site for the first time in ages: 41 Stupid Things about "The Moonbase" (and 9 Cool Ones). See if you can figure out which is which.


Ozymandias Out: The True History of Faction Paradox: Ozymandias will be officially released this Monday, June 8th. If you haven't taken advantage of our pre-order offers yet, don't worry-- the prize draw for a copy of the script signed by various cast members will continue until July 8, and, while our stock of autographed CDs lasts, all CDs ordered from this website will be signed by Edward de Souza.


The Bird is the Word: Lawrence Miles fans should check out this month's issue of The Word for his insightful thoughts on the state of British television.

Events Update: The DWAS have announced the first lot of guests for their Time and Again convention-- check out the Events Page for more details.


Continuing Series: The Radio Drama Revival website has followed up their earlier article on Faction Paradox (see below) with an interview with Nigel Fairs, director and sound designer of the earlier BBV Faction Paradox audio series.


Faction Paradox Overviewed: The Radio Drama Revival website has just put up an article entitled Faction Paradox: a Layman's Guide to the Audio Series, covering the Magic Bullet audios and the earlier series by BBV, and also containing an exclusive preview scene from Ozymandias. A must-read for fans of Faction Paradox and for people who are considering getting into the series.


Order Ozy: As we can now confirm a June release date for Ozymandias, we're accepting preorders for this CD on the Orders Page. As with Words from Nine Divinites, we're also holding a "virtual signing": i.e., that anyone who preorders Ozymandias from us will receive a CD signed by Edward de Souza, and your name will go into the Sutekh mask for a copy of the script signed by cast members. Also, anyone pre-ordering Ozymandias can now get any other Magic Bullet CD half price by selecting the "Faction Paradox Special Offer" option.

Fendahl Offer Closed: We've sold out of signed covers sooner than expected, and so taken down the Image of the Fendahl special offer. All  DVDs will be sent out by the end of the coming week.


Further on Fendahl: Due to limited availability of signed covers, the Image of the Fendahl special offer will be coming to an end at the beginning of June. Buy now!


Alistair, Acting: The multitalented Alistair Lock will be starring in the Discovery Channel's Serial Killers: Dennis Nilsen, repeated all this week: check here for the schedule.


Awaiting the Fendahl: We're sorry to report that the release of the Image of the Fendahl DVD has been put back to April 20th. Those of you who have ordered/will order the DVD from us will have to wait till then, plus a little longer for Scott Fredericks to finish signing the covers-- however, rest assured that we will get them out to you as fast as we can.


Amazing Image of the Fen-deals: Image of the Fendahl is due for release in Region 2 on 6 April 2009, with an RRP of £19.99. In conjunction with the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, we've made a deal so that if you buy the DVD from this website, for the bargain price of £17.99 with free UK postage (EU orders add $3, outside EU add $4.50), you will receive one with a cover autographed by Scott Fredericks (Maximilian Stahl) and also the chance to buy any Kaldor City CD for half price (and receive an autograph by another cast member on the CD as well). Please specify which KC CD when ordering. Visit the Orders Page for full details.


Life on Shelves: The anthology Shelf Life, a celebration of the life and work of Doctor Who author Craig Hinton, is currently available, and contains, as well as a piece by  Storm Mine author Daniel O'Mahony, an exclusive Kaldor City short story, "Skulduggery," set during the events of Death's Head, featuring Carnell, Landerchild and Uvanov and written by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens. All proceeds go to the British Heart Foundation, and the volume can be previewed and ordered  on the Official Shelf Life Site.


King of Kings:  The promotional page for the next Faction Paradox CD, Ozymandias, is now online. We'll keep you posted with more details as they become available.

Global Finance: In line with recent currency fluctuations, we've lowered our Overseas Order pricing to reflect the current state of the pound versus the dollar.

Amazonian Adventures: If you're looking for some more of Gabriel Woolf's audio work, check out the Swallows and Amazons Audiobooks currently available.


Competition Winner: The winner of the signed script for "Words from Nine Divinities" is Greg Miller of Australia. Congratulations Greg, and thanks to everyone who took part.


The Prisoner: We are sorry to hear the news that Patrick McGoohan, star of The Prisoner, died  yesterday aged 80, after a short illness.


The Great Return: Just a quick note to let you know that we're back and accepting orders as usual, and that all Faction Paradox CDs ordered between 18 December and 6 January have now been sent off.


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